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Oooh yeah, definitely! You are on the official Dogs Don’t Whisper website where all the woofs are translated into words!

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Always been curious about what our dogs think about us? About what those barks could really mean? About what makes them tick, why they fetch, how they roll and how hard they rock…?

Then let this website be your all-in-one encyclopaedia, dictionary, spy device and translation service, because here dogs don’t whisper, but speak out loud and clear!

Situations dog owners can relate to

Sometimes the stories are pure fantasy but dog owners will recognize that quite often they are also pretty close to reality. And in a few cases… it’s literally what happened in real life!

Because, in the end, most dogs (and their humans) are true comic heroes by nature!



This could happen when you learn to know the Dogs Don’t Whisper dogs…

They'll make you eager like a beaver!

Or like a dog, but that doesn’t rhyme. Once you find out that the Dogs Don’t Whisper comics teach you about the things dogs really have on their minds, there will be no limit to your eagerness whatsoever!

They'll make you yuppee like a puppy!

Ehm, it’s not given that you will actually yuppee as that is a made-up word, but there is a good chance you’ll laugh. Dogs almost never see the world as humans do ánd they are smarter which leads to funny situations more often than not!

They'll make you drool like Pavlov's dog!

Pavlov’s dog is nothing next to a Dogs Don’t Whisper reader. The adventures are so tasty that wearing waterproof boots, preparing towels and keeping a safe distance to electrical devices while reading is strongly advised!

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