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Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year! Or… not!

Ring ting ting rattle rattle ring-a-ling!! Aaaahh ... finally it's Christmas, how wonderful! At least, if you're not Ivan Pavlov and have conditioned your dog in such a way that he starts to spontaneously drool by the hearing of a bell. Then, for you, Christmas is an...

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Trick or Teeth

    Kids today aren’t scared so easily anymore. Thanks to their games and movies, the zombies and monsters that used to keep their parents awake for weeks on end are no less than funny looking targets to gun down or a nice decoration for their duvet cover....

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A puppy has learned something new today at the dog school; the “Sit!” command. That’s an easy one, right? Well…

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In the year 2018 we have to accept quite a bit. Ticks, mosquitoes but worst of all… COOKIE notifications on just about every website we visit!

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It’s what’s inside that counts!

Don’t worry about the outside too much, it’s the inside what it’s all about!
And, it pays to take a close enough look because that inside could be surprisingly much nicer than one would initially expect…

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Emotional Assistance Dogs

The skies are a little less friendly for passengers of the American company Delta Airlines who are flying with emotional support animals, and for some, it can’t come a moment too soon…

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Happy egg hunting!

Easter morning! Finally! A coffee in your hand, a butterfly flutters by, the birds chirping and your cheerful children are in the garden looking for chocolate eggs where you enjoy this happy scene… or… NOT!

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Drop that leash!

…and hands where I can see them! It is still a very common scene … a boss calling his dog, with or without cookies, but always with an increasingly red head…

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