Drop that leash!

…and hands where I can see them!


It is still a very common scene … a boss calling his dog, with or without cookies, but always with a red head and a dog that keeps exactly enough distance so his boss can’t reach him.

These are dogs that are only called to be put on the leash. For these dogs the “here” command means “end of fun” because it always results in “leash on and going home”.
This way the coming is actually punished, but if the dog does not listen, he prolongs the time that he can play, run and rout around.

The solution to this problem is rewarding the dog with something he loves and let him go again. This way, listening to the here-command becomes something fun and it will matter less that it sometimes means going home, especially if the last “here” yields an extra thick reward.
So first and foremost, call your dog in particular if you do not have to leave yet. Do this often and always reward your dog when he comes. For your dog, it does not matter whether you are in a hurry to go home or not, the only thing that counts is if coming when called results in a reward (something tasty or fun) or a punishment (end of fun or an angry boss).

Extra tip: Running away from your dog is often a good way to trigger your dog to spurt towards you. When he reaches you, give him something tasty and sprint again. Every time your dog catches up with you, reward him. Stop the game when your dog is still enthusiastic, do this training often without attaching the leash in the end, never go after your dog, never try to grab him and never, never, never get angry.

In short, just become the funnest boss in the world. Because which dog wouldn’t wanna come to a boss like that?

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